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Buy Season Passes

This Year Alpine Valley Ski Area offers a Season Pass that includes Unlimited Access to: Pine Knob, MI; Mt Holly, MI; Bittersweet, MI; Alpine Valley Resort, WI; Searchmont, ON; and Alpine Valley Ski Area, White Lake, MI. 

Please remember to visit us at Alpine Valley Ski Area in White Lake, MI to pick up your pass before visiting our sister resorts.

OR choose the option for Direct Delivery at checkout and we will mail your pass to your door.

Pass Type Price
  2022-2023 Tot Season Pass (Ages 5 and Under) $0.00
  2022-2023 Kids Season Pass (6-12) $626.00 through Mar 31st, 2023
  2022-2023 Season Pass (13-64) $800.00 through Mar 31st, 2023
  2022-2023 Senior Season Pass (65+) $728.00 through Mar 31st, 2023

Terms & Conditions


              1. NO REFUNDS - ALL SALES FINAL!
              2. NO lift tickets will be available without additional charge, so - do not leave your pass at home!
              3. $50 replacement fee for lost or stolen pass.
              4. Reselling, exchanging, lending, or obtaining passes under false terms, will result in immediate loss of pass and all privileges, without refund
              5. Season Passes must be clearly visible at all times.
              6. Pass holders must heed all signs and follow all rules posted or otherwise implied by the Michigan Ski Area Safety Act and Skier Responsibility Code.